To transform our world into a just, equitable and harmonious place, where God reigns.


St. Arnold Janseen (1837-1909) was a great educationist and a philanthropist. A man of prayer and service. He was inspired to found three religious congregations to bring light and knowledge to the ends of the earth through love and service

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(1) Society of the Divine Word (SVD) for men.

(2) The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirt (SSPS).

(3) The Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirt of perpetual adoration (SSPSAP). The members of these congregations are dedicated Christians belonging to the Roman Catholic Church witnessing to the life and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

St. Arnold Janseen was ordained a priest at the age of 24. He had flair for mathematics and won a medal for mathematical essays on curves He achieved this goal by hard work and prayer. He had a formula for beginning his work, for facing a problem or for making a decision. And that formula was, “All with God”. As an educationist he won the appreciation of the students in his teaching career because he presented the subject in an interesting way. The purpose of teaching was to lead forth young minds into knowledge and young souls into truth. Thus his exemplary conduct won the esteem of all.

He felt that his teaching was confined only to classroom and so he wanted to reach out to more people and that prompted him to found three religious congregations of men and women now numbering more than 11,000 of them working in more than 65 countries. The followers of St. Arnold Janssen are trained to promote peace, truth and justice through educational, medical, pastoral and developmental services and through communication media.