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  1. Parental co-operation with the school is very essential. The school, therefore, invites the parents/guardians to extend their whole hearted co-operation by visiting the school periodically and keeping in close touch with the teachers and the school authorities, during the visiting hours.


2. As a first step in this direction parents are earnestly requested to familiarize themselves with the diary and the rules it contains.

3. Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to enforce punctuality and discipline, to see that their children prepare their home lessons regularly and devote at least two to three hours to studies at home.

4. Parents, guardians or visitors are not allowed to see the students and their teachers during the school hours without the permission of the Principal. They are strictly prohibited to go to the classrooms or the staff room.

5. Parents are not allowed to see their wards during recess for any reason without the permission of the principal.

6. Parents are requested to make any complaint directly to the school authorities in writing, not to the teachers.

7. Avoid criticism of teachers or the school authorities in the presence of their ward which is equal to slow poisoning the mind of the child. Any legitimate complaint may be presented to the principal in person and if asked, in writing. If there is serious complaint against the school, the parents are advised to withdraw the ward from the school.


8. It is the duty of parents to see that their children are regular, come neat and tidy to school are in time for the school assembly i.e., 07:20 a.m. and bring all their necessary books and other learning materials according the time-table or the instructions of the concerned teacher.


9. Check the diary of the ward regularly and enforce regularity and discipline at home, their ward completes the home work assigned to them, regular study is done and the remark given in their diary is counter signed. If it is done, parents will notice improvement in their wards.


10. The school authorities strongly recommend to the parents not to arrange for medical appointments of their wards during school hours.


11. Parents should see that the students are not engaged in late night functions so that their concentration and clarity of mind can be maintained in the class.


12. To prevent their children from being inconvenience, parents are requested to note that the following students will be sent home.
(i) Late comers.
(ii) Those who come without proper uniform or whose appearance is slovenly.
(iii) Those suffering from a disease which is contagious or at an infections state.


13. Parents are requested not to plan family holidays or tours during the school days.