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  1. Every pupil is expected to be present on the re-opening day. Absence of students from classes for merely family/social functions is entirely discouraged. Preplanned half day absence will not be permitted even for those students who ask for such leave in writing.


(2) Parents are requested to direct their complaints to the school authorities and not to the teachers. Small children’s are easily moved by emotions likes and dislikes. Parents should evaluate their complaints on small matters and consult knowledgeable people loading complaints with the school authorities.

(3) Parents/ Guardians or any other persons are not permitted to meet the students or their teachers during the school hours. But with the permission of the principal they may meet them on 2nd Saturday of the month.

(4) All pupils must come to school neatly dressed wearing their complete school uniform.

(5) Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to enforce cleanliness, punctuality and discipline and see that the children prepare their home lessons regularly and devote at least two hours of study at home.

(6) In case of doubt regarding interpretation of school rules decision of the management is final.

(7) Children should be punctual and regular attendance. They must speak English in school premises.


(8) Pupils should be taken home within 15 minutes after the school. Parents should instruct their children not to go anywhere after the school hours except home.


(9)Lost articles will be disposed of within a month if nobody claims them


(10) Pupils and parents are not allowed to give personal gifts to the teachers.


(11) Pupils are not allowed to bring metal tiffin boxes to the school.


(12) If a child is absent from the school consecutively for one month without any leave letter, the name will be struck off from the register.


(13) No private’s tuitions are permitted.


(14) Parents are requested to send a tiffin box and a water bottle with the child daily to the school.


(15) Students who are suffering from contagious diseases like chicken-pox, mums and jaundice are not allowed to come school till they are fit.


(16) Those who are absent from an exam for serious reason and with prior permission/medical certificate may be given marks for the absent exam proportionate to the previous/later exam, but no grade will be given to them. Lack of attendance may cause detention.


(17) Students who come on motor vehicles without valid license will not be give entrance to the school premises. If this rule is violated, the school will not be responsible for any damage or loss of vehicles.


(18) The result of each term will be declared within one month. Parents are requested to come to the school with the child to take the result.